Kyla McCallum is a celebrated Scottish designer who has been hailed as “London’s Origami Queen,” which means she was the perfect person to envision and execute the Fold pendant for Northern Lighting in our Stratos Collection. Her studio, dubbed Foldability, produces window displays, lighting and interior products inspired by origami and geometry.

She founded the studio in 2013, her aim to work with brands to bring projects from initial ideas through to final production. She personally works on each project, collaborating with a diverse team of creatives that includes paper artists, engineers, graphic designers, art directors, photographers, and fabricators.

The studio has become known for creating visually unique precision-formed designs that are primarily made by hand. Kyla also runs geometry- and origami-themed workshops, tailoring the experiences to fit with intended themes. Her client list is distinguished—from fashion houses Burberry and Chanel and cosmetics giant L’Oreal to broadcasting powerhouses FX and the BBC. She’s also worked with Ted Baker on a series of bespoke lighting that imitate Elizabethan ruffs.

“Each piece was made using stiffened cotton, with a hand painted golden edge,” she notes. “The collection was made for Ted Baker's new store in Sandton City, Johannesburg.” She describes Fold as the result of several years of experimentation and development that came about because she used a unique combination of hand-craftsmanship and material innovation.