Designers Josep Novell & Josep Puig share more than a first name: they are both members of FAD Association of Industrial Design, and both teach industrial design at the Elisava Design College and the ESDI Design College. After founding their design studio, Novell/Puig Design, in 1992 in Barcelona, they set about creating products and consulting with clients who wanted to bring unique furnishings to the marketplace.

One of these is the Jackie table lamp, which they designed for B.lux. Due to its feminine flair, we have found it's a go-to fixture during our #MBFW pairings, for which we have become known when Fashion Week takes New York City by storm each spring and fall, its change of "outfits" putting it in the mix every time! In perusing the web to see what other trendsetting sites were saying about the fixture, we found quite a few that did concur.

For instance, HomeDSGN says of the Jackie, “As you can see, different materials can be inserted between those two transparent elements to personalize each lamp and get different type lights and chromatic effects. There is no limit on how you can personalize a Jackie lamp to fit into your interior design!” EMV Square shares the Jackie, which they call “inspiring” (and we at Global Lighting agree). And it has been well loved on! Architonic says of the duo's work in general: it is totally organic in the most modern way.