Barcelona-based Jette Scheib believes that light is fascinating. “You can have the most beautiful furniture, the softest sofa, but if the light is not good, you do not sit comfortably,” she says. This level of passion is what inspired the Parisian manufacturer Forestier to ask her to design lighting and the thing that motivated us to include her products in our Stratos Collection.

Scheib notes that everything around her inspires her creations, particularly the organic forms of nature and people. She is a vivid observer as she scrutinizes objects and individuals, and some of her favorite moments are witnessing the interactions between them. Time and again, we see that the most talented designers lead with their intuition and a desire to imagine, which is no different with this talented visionary.

Her concentration is functional objects that have real personality; that communicate the power of well-being. She began her career as an industrial designer in Germany where she founded a studio after graduating with a degree in industrial design from the University of Arts in Berlin. She settled in Barcelona where she lives today, developing products for international companies specializing in home accessories and lighting.

“I appreciate geometric shapes, bright colors, wire construction and traditional materials like metal, glass, stone and wood that have honesty and richness inherent in their makeup,” the designer says. We are thrilled to welcome her into the Global Lighting stable of globally significant designers who are continuously breaking new ground in lighting design.