Santiago de Chile-born designer Jaime Beriestain opened his Barcelona studio after working for over a decade in his home country. Early Spanish collaborations included the manufacturer DAC and the Hotel Division of Gastón y Daniela Contract. Since opening a showroom in the heart of Barcelona in 2010, Beriestain has welcomed a number of international projects into his portfolio, which have taken him to Chile, France, India and Switzerland. Jaime Beriestain designed the Box collection for B.lux, which Global Lighting distributes in North America. It's a standout in our ECCO Collection, curated specifically for architects.

Considering the wide array of publications covering his work, he’s used to being celebrated. Magazines ranging from Hermes to Diseño and La Vanguardia to GQ España have dished on the designer’s ways with his imagination. His portfolio includes colorful furniture in both classic and modern lines, refined tabletop products and even graphic illustrations that show dexterity with line and form. He has opened a showroom to showcase a mix of vintage furniture, books, textiles, artwork, fragrances and other lifestyle items he brings into a collected whole. “The pieces are carefully and personally chosen and reinterpreted: some by well-known designers and architects, other items simply chosen for their aesthetic value,” he says. “It gives me great pride and joy to gather and share my passions with you.”