Barcelona-based Gemma Bernal has been a product designer for 40 years, creating objects that range from furniture and lighting to toys and electrical appliances. Her lighting fixtures include a number of lamps for the Basque Country manufacturer B.lux. When Bernal begins designing products, she delves into the definition of the piece by asking how she would define the company’s needs and how the product will be used, then she executes a brainstorming sketch she takes back to the client for review. Once the back-and-forth results in approval, 3D modeling and prototyping take her into the next phase of evolution. In this description of her methods of development, Bernal has explained the creative process of the product designer to a tee.

Her philosophy is as rich as this methodology. “Life is complex but beautiful,” she explains. “When we observe it, we discover its beauty, shape and structure until we understand its Design and Order. Technology, craftsmanship, tradition, needs and ways of life are also part of the reality that surrounds us.” She adds, “Our work consists of observing, synthesizing and proposing.” This observing, synthesizing and proposing take place in a complex reality all their own, unfolding as the main concepts being communicated and developed are explored. It’s no wonder she has won a Delta de Oro! The world is fortunate that she passes along her passion to future generations of designers through teaching at EINA, ESDI and the Mayfly Architecture Masters at the University of Barcelona.