When Barcelona-based designers Gemma Bernal & Ramón Isern collaborate, they bring many decades of cumulative experience to a project. Bernal has been a product designer for 40 years, creating objects that range from furniture and toys to electrical appliances and lighting, including fixtures for the Basque Country lighting manufacturer B.lux. Isern designs furniture, lighting and packaging, and has taken first prize at Habitat Valencia six times. He has designed products for some of the world’s top companies, including Vibia, Punt Mobles, Sellex and GrupoT. His lighting for B.lux, designed in concert with Bernal, includes Ovo and Copa. The Bernal Isern effect is form following function without sacrificing style.

Bernal describes her personal process in a very heartfelt way: "Life is complex but beautiful. When we observe it, we discover its beauty, shape and structure, until we understand its Design and Order. Technology, craftsmanship, tradition, needs and ways of live are also part of the reality that surrounds us." She goes on to say about the work she and her team produce, "Our work consists of observing, synthesizing and proposing: observing the complex reality that surrounds us, synthesizing the main concepts that we want to communicate and developing a proporsal in accordance with where Design and Order concepts are present with clarity and subtleness." It's no wonder she has been a flourishing powerhouse in the world of design for over four decades given these are the beliefs she holds near and dear.