Italian designer Enzo Berti was born in the Pianiga province of Venice in 1950. He hasn’t strayed far from home since, living and working in the Riviera del Brenta still. While attending the Venice Academy of Fine Arts, he studied under Alberto Viani and then completed an industrial design degree in the University of Venice’s architectural program. During his years as a student, Berti designed and created many art objects, which he shared with an ever-growing public audience through internationally acclaimed exhibitions.

Industrial design became his full-time focus during the 1980s when he began envisioning products for popular brands in the furniture industry. Due to his holistic way of thinking, which brings him the foresight to consider the designed object as part of a specific environment rather than as an isolated item, he has been a popular collaborator with a wide-range of companies that includes Torremato. This is one of the manufacturers who brought Berti on as an artistic director to help them establish a unique corporate identity—a task he aces with aplomb.

The designer has never moved very far away from his artistic origins. These sensibilities compel him to view matter as if he were a sculptor, seeking the form each material elicits to give it an original shape, often by an unexpected leap of logic. Berti’s preference is to work with wood, marble, stone and iron, which he deems “timeless” and evocative materials. But he always interprets these into designs that utter a contemporary language, sometimes revolutionizing their traditional uses.

From the first sketch to the final flourish of his creative process for each product, an exacting refinement is undertaken—a long series of sketches will result before the first technical drawing is ever made. Because his work never consists of one mere exercise in style, the eclectic range he achieves is a hallmark of his career. This is also true with the serious attention to the practical implications of every product he considers—the “day in the life” of each item top of mind, so to speak, as he creates always contemplating how it will be used. The Italian designer created the Bitta outdoor lighting fixture for Torremato, which won Berti the Premio Compasso D’Oro ADI award. It is included in our Terra Collection and is distributed exclusively through Global Lighting in North America.