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Atle Tveit

Atle Tveit

Oslo, Norway


Norwegian furniture designer Atle Tveit graduated from the Bergen National Academy of Art and Design in 2006 with a master’s degree. He made quick work of founding his own design studio with a former classmate, a collaboration that lasted for four years and resulted in many products for various Scandinavian furniture manufacturers. It also spawned several awards, chief among them the Young Talent Award from The Norwegian Design Council. Tveit has also won the Award for Design Excellence several times—for the Variér Active office chair in 2013 and the Clint occasional chair in 2010. Bo Bedre magazine tapped him as the Designer of the Year in 2009. With this many awards, it's no surprise he's remarkably popular on the Norwegian design scene and is making inroads elsewhere in Europe.

Products by Atle Tveit