From his eponymous studio in Bangkok, Thailand, Anon Pairot demands one thing from all of the designs his team conceives: “For me, the creations must inspire emotion in everyone.” We immediately recognized this point of view in his designs for the Parisian manufacturer Forestier, which is why we are excited to include several fixtures in our Stratos Collection. We also have tremendous respect for his artistic, sustainable and ecological leanings that shine through in his lighting designs. It is said of the visionary that he is keen to analyze physical matter as he explores the boundaries of design to transcend the static nature of each object, each piece of architecture and each exhibition installation he undertakes. Because design is so visceral for him in this way, he easily crosses disciplines—from marketing and branding to product design and viral communication.

He calls his career atypical for a reason, as he graduated in mechanical engineering from the North Mongkut University of Technology (KMUTNB) and launched himself on a path toward becoming known in industrial design with boldness. He began this trajectory by founding his studio in 2007, dubbing the effort a design business consultancy and creative strategic planning agency.

Just a few of the brands in his portfolio, which make up a who’s who of cultural influencers, are Habitat, Fendi, Grohe, Philippe Starck Hotel, Ford, Vitra Design Museum, Johnny Walker, Bacardi, Wallpaper and Interni magazines, and Kenneth Cobonpue. As for his aspirations, he calls himself a creative soul who shies away from annoying processes and binding rules. This is one of the reasons we are happy to welcome him into the Global Lighting stable of world-renowned designers.