Danish/Norwegian designer Anders Lundqvist lives in Copenhagen, where he works as an independent industrial designer developing products for an impressive list of innovative companies that includes the Gos2 and Gos3 collection for Gubi, Future for Scan Office, Alfi for KCA, and Dali Podium for Hifi Klubben. Lundqvist received his industrial design degree from Arts University Bournemouth in 1996, a UK-based design school that informed his sensibilities as a creative thinker and honed his talents as a fastidious maker.

Anne Louise Due de Fønss graduated from the School of Architecture in Aarhus, Denmark, in 2002. The founder of Due de Fønss interior and design studio in Copenhagen—an international company that has completed projects in New York, Berlin, Milan and Copenhagen—is a kindred spirit of Lundqvist’s, as both designers enjoy using raw natural materials to achieve plenty of textural contrasts. They enjoy the liveliness, sense of depth and quality these elements bring to products, including Due de Fønss’s GlobeZero4 Collection.

Among Due de Fønss’s projects through her interior and design studio are Restaurant Aquavit in New York (in tandem with Arkitema); The Danish Church in New York; Hotel Astoria in Copenhagen (in tandem with Gubi); Restaurant Grønbech and Churchill in Copenhagen (in tandem with Anders Lundquist); The Danish Design Project, a traveling exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York; Queen Dagmar’s mansion in Klampenborg; Novo Nordisk; and Brink Serviced Offices in Copenhagen.

The duo describes their design philosophy as “characterized by a mixture of simplicity and authentic materials.” They add, “We value the quality of simple and plain objects, and appreciate the absence of unnecessary features.” They believe this allows them to achieve a sense of purity in both interior and product design. They subscribe fully to the “less is more” edict so eloquently expressed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. We at Global Lighting second that notion and are happy to bring their Unika pendant, included in our Stratos Collection, to the North American marketplace.