Though it would be easy for those of us in the United States to think the “AIA” in this firm’s name stands for the American Institute of Architects, this is far from the case. The Salazar/Navarro team dubbed their multidisciplinary practice “Activitats Installacions Arquitectòniques,” or AIA for short (translated it means Architectural Activities Facilities), because they are a thriving group of designers carrying out myriad activities in the process of designing buildings, projects and products. The office employs architects, product and industrial designers, and engineers, making the team located in their Barcelona headquarters well-versed in solution-oriented thinking.

Known for sustainable ideas, cutting-edge technology and efficiency, innovation is often connected with their name. Tapped by Basque lighting manufacturer Grupo B.lux to design a number of their products, AIA Salazar-Navarro has collaborated with a number of the biggest names in architecture, including Dominique Perrault, who designed the D-123 building in Barcelona.