• Can delicacy and strength exist in equal measure within the same invention? Though the two attributes seem diametrically opposed, they beautifully intermingle in the Montone in Delft, created by lighting designer Jacco Maris. It’s the brawn of metal and the intricacy of a centuries-old painting technique for which his home country of the Netherlands is known that make the twisting and wrapping ribbons of hand-painted steel so remarkable.

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  • Using machinery to create artful light fixtures is a hallmark of Jacco Maris’s process, the muscle to bend steel into undulant curves impossible without the juxtaposition of meticulous machine tooling and the unerring eye of the artisans who shape the material. When powder-coated and decorated, the Montone is exquisitely transformed.


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  • The Delft is the final flourish of artistry with this version of the Montone. The modern take on a Dutch tradition that extends back to medieval times lends this fixture its stylistic notes of gracefulness. Imagine tiny brushes clasped between a gloved thumb and fingers through which an artisan unfurls diminutive scenes in a dusky potent blue, each celebrating the Dutch countryside, and you understand the heritage from whence this fixture’s personality springs.

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  • One look at the Montone in Delft and it’s easy to see why Jacco Maris claims, “I’m not trying to make a collection that fits together; I am attempting to create a series of icons.” We are betting that this fixture will remain one of the most iconic pieces in the Dutch designer’s portfolio for years to come. Visit the Montone Oval product profile for more details.

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