July 19, 2012

Testing and Measuring: Social Media Tips for the B2B


There is an art to testing and measuring!

Being a B2B entity, I am always interested when I come across informative writing about social media tips for the B2B company, much less a blog based solely upon the subject. This post on Social Media B2B, “3 Tips to Optimize Your B2B Social Media Marketing Mix” written by Steve Reeves, explains the author’s “marketing mix model,” which is a process of assigning meaning to changes in incremental sales volume based upon specific tactics a company uses in its marketing mix.


I often speak of testing and measuring, which I have found to be a great tactic in exploring the benefits or drawbacks of certain efforts we undertake at Global Lighting. Reeves talks of testing, and how it yields insight into how a company’s marketing mix performs. You can read the full post to understand why he had identified the three tips as 1) learn to think (and speak) like the customer; 2) correctly interpret the data; and 3) segment your target audience.

Steve Reeves is the Marketing Director for Viral Technologies, a firm working with B2B companies as they navigate the complex world of social media. You can follow Steve on and @SMb2b on Twitter.

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