Whether you are illuminating lawns, plazas, boardwalks, terraces, parklands or piers, the Terra Collection of outdoor lighting fixtures contains a weather-worthy light source for you. Landscape architects will appreciate the range of material choices Global Lighting offers in these exterior lights—from Corten steel and cast iron to white glass and spun nickel. With this collection we believe you can turn terra firma into paradiso terrestre!

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The Terra Collection is a highly curated selection of lighting for landscape architects and designers who want to do more than just illuminate the parks, plazas, boardwalks, terraces, parklands, piers, loggias, patios and lawns they are charged to brighten. It is our aim at Global Lighting to go beyond the predictable when it comes to scouring the world for these offerings, and our array of material choices proves this point of view. We have Corten steel from Spain and Italy, painted aluminum

and colorful cords used in professional fishing nets from Sweden, concrete from Italy, spun nickel and white glass from Spain, and powder coated aluminum from The Netherlands. But beyond what the outdoor lighting fixtures we choose are made of, at the root of our philosophy is elemental style. No one can truly predict the weather so why not fill whatever climate you find yourself facing with stellar sophistication that will defy any meteorological conditions?