December 10, 2013

Realistic Paintings By Artist Antonio Santin Capture The Imagination


What an amazing eye Jené Gutierrez has for finding visually rich stories to tell! The writer featured Spanish artist Antonio Santin’s hyper realistic paintings of rugs on the Beautiful Decay website and I thought it would be fun to share his work with Global Lighting blog’s readers.

Santin is well known for his detailed paintings that at first glance appear to be photographs, but in the past his focus has been solitary women, particularly their faces. The artist has taken a different tack with his newest works, painting traditional area rugs that appear to be draped over bodies. The artist credits his background in sculpture for his ability to capture the play of light and shadow in such an eerie way. The haunted mind wants to know: are the bodies beneath the rugs dead, or alive? In a Q&A with HiFructose, Santin explains his view on the popular question. “This matter is often discussed,” he says. “However, the question is irrelevant to me as I understand [the] compositions as still lifes. Inanimation characterizes the painting but it is the beholder who gives or takes breath away.”

The beholder also must acknowledge the amazing detail with which the large-scale paintings are created. The portrayal on each canvas captures the texture, tuft, fringe and weave of a rug in graphic detail. Santin says, “Most of the best things happening in a painting can only be witnessed when your face is one inch away from the canvas. It is not a coincidence that I work on such large formats as I enjoy adjusting the fabric’s proportions in order to deconstruct and reinvent the very intertwined essence of certain textures and weaves.”

Santin’s works are currently on view as part of “Art at the Core: The Intersection of Visual Art, Performance & Technology” at the Hudson Valley Center for Contemporary Art. The exhibit, which runs through July 2014, features a number of other artists and their works that address the very core of our everyday lives.

We salute both artist Antonio Santin and beholder Jene Gutierrez for their stunning—and memorable—work!

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