Ode 1647

Handmade in Holland not only has a nice “ring” to it, it means Jacco Maris’ fixtures exhibit exemplary quality, jaw-dropping style and an organic beauty only a lover of experimentation could achieve. The Ode 1647 is an homage to 17th-century chandeliers, serving as a lyrical reference to those graceful forms while placing itself squarely in the 21st century due to the material it’s made of. The silvery high-pressure hose curling into 9-light or 15-light configurations is topped with velveteen shades in either deep purple or taupe.


  • Product Name

    Ode 1647

  • Manufacturer

    Jacco Maris

  • Body

    Braided Copper with UV Coating

  • Cord


  • Shades


  • Finishes




  1. B.lux
  2. Jacco Maris
  3. Forestier
  4. Secto Design
  5. Zero

Customer Service

  1. Tel 914.591.4095
  2. Fax 914.591.3796

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