Kanpazar 150 Floor Lamp

The Kanpazar 150 Floor Lamp

The Kanpazar 150 Patio and Garden Lamp, designed by Bilbao-based Jon Santacoloma, is suitable for the outdoors. Its variety of bases—designated by the letters A, B, C and D—offer a number of stylistic options from seriously clean to slightly ornamental. This fixture, which is actually as comfortable on a table or a capstone perch as it is on a floor, is not only suitable for terraces and decks or gardens and landscapes, it is just as beautiful glowing in interior spaces. The Kanpazar is made of opal-finish UV stabilized polyethylene with two fluorescent lamping options, which give these poetic points of light a gorgeous glow.


Kanpazar 150 Floor Lamp
Kanpazar 150 Floor Lamp Tech Drawing
Product Name
Kanpazar 150 Floor Lamp
Light Source

2G11 Twin Tube 4-Pin

2 x 55 Watt
cUL Certified

Download product specification sheet for a full list of available size and lamping options

  • B.lux Kanpazar 150 Floor White B.lux Kanpazar 150 Floor White
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Jon Santacoloma is a product of his Basque Country roots: like his home city of Bilbao, he equally embraces and defies traditional design. The town is a model in architectural variety given its time-honored buildings intermingled with modern masterpieces like the Guggenheim. Santacoloma’s studio, Ideilan Design, engages with some of the world’s leading manufacturers, such as Solac, Magefesa, Andreu World, Metro Bilbao and Danona. His first lighting product, the Kanpazar outdoor lamp, made by B.lux, brought him resounding success and won him numerous national and international awards.

The Ideilan motto describes the designer’s firm’s commitment to quality: “There is no form without function.” Seeing design as something more than a question of aesthetics, Santacoloma’s push toward excellence demands that each element, curve and etched line have a reason. “With that in mind, we seek to unite functionality and design in a natural way, following guidelines we set out after a period of thought and analysis.” Considering the Kanpazar is seen glowing from the terraces of Bilbao’s Guggenheim and in plazas and parks worldwide, this design visionary’s thinking is spot-on.