April 5, 2012

On Our Radar: Levitation by Light Light


Levitation by Light Light

Absence speaks volumes. In this case, it speaks for itself – yes, that shade is hanging in mid-air!

Levitation by Light Light  on Global Lighting blog

Levitation by Light Light on Global Lighting blog 2

Whereas the admonishment in a train station instructs “Mind the gap!”; the lack of corporeal continuity in the Levitation by Light Light series fairly commands attention. The magic is accomplished by integrating stabilized electromagnetic technology developed by engineer Ger Jansen. He teamed up with his daughter Angela Jansen of Design Academy Eindhoven to found Crealev, a firm devoted to finding uses for this disarming device; the lamps are their first products to be brought to market.

Levitation by Light Light 3 on Global Lighting blog

Touch-dimmable and illuminated with LED sources, the lamps come in two styles: “Silhouette” with a semi-conical shade and a traditional turned wooden base, and the modern “Eclipse” with a slender glass stem supporting a cylindrical shade. Light is cast in all directions, using mirrors and, well, air gaps. This degree of awesomeness comes at a price; they sell for nearly €1000!

Silhouette #1 Demo Video from Crealev on Vimeo.

Taking their branding to heart—and effecting a move we like to call full choreography—they’ve demonstrated the adaptability of their innovation at Dutch Design Week with floating product displays, certain to be an eye-catcher in any retailer’s windows. Levitating platforms floated featured products in space: Air Jordans, a bust bearing jewelry, an iPad…

All images by Crealev and Light Light

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