May 23, 2012

Of Core Values and Gatekeepers: Zappos Bound!


Global Lighting has made a name for itself as a B2B authority on and curator of discerning design in lighting; we’re proud of our growing collections of modern and contemporary fixtures. And as with any refinement of expression, there is often more than meets the eye; there’s an underlying mindset that determines what is critical for inclusion and what is superfluous, or even misdirected. We are convinced that this degree of intent needs to run throughout any endeavor in order for it to reach its highest potential, including a business, which, after all, is made up of its people.

Global Lighting's Core Values 1

Core value cloud; a grounding declaration.

So, accordingly, there has been a lot going on behind the monitor screens here at Global Lighting. In an ongoing process, we have been digging deep into ourselves, examining who we are as individuals, how we relate with each other, and identifying the core values that shape our collective personae. It has been a very gratifying and surprising process, as we have come to understand that as a company or brand we cannot present ourselves effectively to the world at large without self-acknowledgement. This foundational work of cultivating a culture and building a tribe will stand us in good stead going forward, anchoring our group efforts and inspiring confidence within those with whom we do business. Our customers and partners will know exactly what to expect and we will know exactly how to respond, by referral to the values we have articulated as our own.

We have been inspired in this undertaking by the work of Tony Hsieh and the amazing people at Zappos. There is a cycle that has been set in motion, starting with the visit of our CEO Larry Lazin to the inaugural Zappos Insights boot camp several years ago. He brought back the knowledge he had gained and shared it with his team here at Global Lighting; we worked hard to internalize the concepts and to make them our very own (which is the whole point!) by codifying our deep-seated principles. We realized early that this a living document—it should be revisited and examined regularly in order to remain relevant and reflect the people it represented. Our retail and e-commerce manager, Denise Bovell (known affectionately as Dee), stepped forward and volunteered to be the gatekeeper for this important task. She’ll be in charge of shepherding this ongoing process; as a continuation of this upward spiral, she is making the journey to Zappos headquarters in Las Vegas herself this week, to report on the successes we have already seen and to bring back further inspiration!

Denise Bovell at Global Lighting

Gatekeeper for our core values, Denise Bovell; go Dee!

Just before she left, she commented, “I woke up this morning in ‘Sponge Mode.’ I am ready to soak up all the info and positive vibes from the Zappos Insights Team. All of the great feedback from HD [Expo] and WantedDesign (two very recent successful shows) has really left us pumped up and confident. I think this will be a prime time to come back with some fresh new ideas on how to continue our growth and positive atmosphere.” We’re eagerly awaiting her return and looking forward to where this journey will lead us next, knowing that we have our feet beneath us and our faces forward. We believe you’ll feel the difference too!

Every once in a while we learn of other companies taking their core values seriously. We’ll add them to the list here when we find them, the first of which is Benjamin West.

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