April 3, 2012

Name That Lighting Blog Part 2: The Nomenclature Continues

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post about the lighting blogs of several of our peers, especially noting their names; the power of words to evoke and identify is a fascinating subject. It’s a uniquely human trait; we form our individual identities only in relation to our interaction with others. To quote a wonderful essay on the subject, “Communication is, therefore, an essential human need and a fundamental social necessity.”  It is important that the words we choose convey our intent as they mold our interrelationships to a profound extent. The naming of things becomes a process fraught with symbolic embodied power that moves beyond the “namer” and into society at large. So, yes, it matters!

Canada’s Faraday Lighting has launched a blog dubbed Lighthouse in which (according to the sidebar) they shed light on energy efficient lighting and best practices in the DHID and LED industries. One of our partners, Lumens Light + Living in Sacramento, California has a busy company blog delightfully titled The Light Stuff, through which they tour the wide world of design inspirations, much as we do here! Another Canadian neighbor, Edmonton’s Lightform has an active blog with a similar contagious bent toward design exploration, the eponymous Lightformblog: there’s no doubt from where they’re embarking on their journeys. An innovative and energetic lighting consultancy from Britain, Light Collective (the intrepid team of Sharon Stammers and Martin Lupton), writes a blog hosted by the UK’s Lighting Magazine which reports glowingly on their travels and adventures around the world.

Speaking of global discoveries (that’s us, in a nutshell!), we were quite pleased to read a recent announcement in LEDs Magazine of the mid-March launch of the Global Lighting Association (GLA). Now there’s a name we can get behind! According to the press release: “The global lighting industry has launched the Global Lighting Association, which is designed to be “the voice of the lighting industry on a global basis.” As a grouping of national and regional lighting associations, the Global Lighting Association represents over 5,000 lighting manufacturers and US $50 billion annual sales.” This is a name change and reinvigoration of the Global Lighting Forum (GLF), which was formed in 2007 as an “association of associations.”

We’re always on the lookout for even more enlightening blog finds: what’s your favorite source of lighting design inspiration? Drop us a tip or a comment and we’ll get right on it!

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