The Grid pendant, an ECCO pendant.


Hallmarks of the Global Lighting ECCO Collection of performance-driven office + retail lighting are summed up in the acronym, which stands for [E]nergy-efficient, [C]ompliant for [C]ommercial [O]rnamentation. This is a collection of light fixtures built to enhance the architectural attributes of commercial, office or retail settings. The light sources are stable; the engineering is exceptional; and the material choices are as sophisticated as they come. ECCO is design-centric, just like you!

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As office environments move away from fixed workstations and professionals designing retail spaces search for ways to achieve a smaller carbon footprint, it behooves distributors such as Global Lighting to search for meaningful ways to contribute to avant-garde architectural programs and environmentally friendly projects. With these in mind, we introduce the ECCO Collection, a finely engineered, design-centric selection of lighting for offices and retail environments. This new standard representing powerful engineering in polished packages is the wave of the future. Combining the latest technology with a commitment to bringing the greatest design talent to the fore, ECCO will continue to be one of Global Lighting’s top curatorial initiatives into the future. The acronym stands for energy-efficient,

compliant alternatives for commercial ornamentation, though ornamentation means these sophisticated lamping options are wrapped within handsome designs. When curating for ECCO, we look for innovation, quality, attractiveness and durability, and we’re pleased to say each of the fixtures included within the collection is a leading example of these combined attributes. The collaborators who are contributing to ECCO are B.lux and Zero, both manufacturers providing us with fine examples of architectonic fixtures in a variety of metals, wood and other molded materials, such as acrylic. We are enthralled by the imaginative lamping solutions the designers of these fixtures have identified because we know you will echo this sentiment: no one wants to see a hot spot in a polished setting!