Lombardy has birthed yet another design talent. This addition to the Italian region’s influence within the furnishings arena is Enzo Panzeri—a second-generation member of the eponymous company founded by his father Carlo. Born in Monza, Italy, he is the design-mind behind the Ring series in our ECCO Collection.

You might say the tradition and craftsmanship that have held sway within the company for 70 years are in his DNA. As a boy, he cut his teeth drawing and shaping materials in his father’s workshop, which was founded in 1943 and morphed into an electrical production company of components for lamps in 1947. Enzo was building products at an early age, which makes it no surprise he understands sophisticated uses of materials and finishes, and has a finesse with shapes and technical applications.

It wasn’t until 1980 that Enzo began taking an active role in the family company, beginning his full-fledged career as a designer. Since quality, research and innovation are catchphrases for the brand, it stands to reason that Enzo would make a name for himself creating ingenious products. Over the past three and a half decades since he has been on board, the company has grown and evolved into a respected lighting manufacturer, the brand officially launched in 1991.

Located in the heart of Brianza, an area of Italy rich in history and filled with an abundance of natural resources, Panzeri has the great fortune of being able to produce lighting from regionally sourced elements, which gives it an edge when the subject of sustainability is raised. For instance, Venetian glass manufactured by companies with centuries of experience in Murano is used in the production of its fixtures. The company was also on the forefront of custom-made LED light sources. Combine these examples with the astute design mind of the company’s newest generation and you can see why Enzo Panzeri’s fixtures are perfect for Global Lighting’s ECCO Collection.