July 17, 2012

Blogger’s Choice: New England Style!

Michelle Cortizo

Michelle Cortizo, of Cortizo Interiors, Canton, MA

Michelle Cortizo created her blog in order to share her enthusiasm for interior design, and boy, has she turned her readers onto some incredible finds as she peruses New England for fabulous furnishings that catch her eye. The trendsetter agreed to tap one of Global Lighting’s products as her blogger’s choice and share with you why she chose Miguel Herranz’s Mini Mikado S pendant. Take it away, Michelle!

Mini Mikado S

The Mini Mikado S by Miguel Herranz.

Several years ago I made a conscious decision to place a trellis in my flower garden that could be viewed from my office window. Graced by a gingerly climbing honeysuckle vine, beautifully displaying its coral blossoms, it’s always lovely to look at. However the real gift is magnified by the number of hummingbirds it attracts. Fleeting movement beyond comprehension is always captivating, and then I take a breath. Regardless of how many times I observe the phenomenon, it never gets old. Miguel Herranz achieved this when he created Mikado: a well-crafted visual dance layered in texture makes Mikado hard to ignore.

Hummingbird at LZF booth, HD Expo

Herranz’s designs are fearless in movement and sculptural elements, giving them a sense of artful joy…thought provoking. I am always intrigued by a fixture that reveals new perspectives with every glance, constantly playing with shadows and light in a way that adds layers of beauty and interest. Mikado quietly dances in its environment. Illuminated art! Brilliant!

To see Michelle’s marvelous collection of design picks, visit her Pinterest profile surveying New England Style. You can also follow the BlogTour2012 alum on Twitter and like her on Facebook. Thanks for dropping in!

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